Here at Magnum, we stock furniture for near enough every single room in your house (minus your kitchen and bathroom!) We have seen trends come and go when it comes to bedrooms, however ottoman beds Warrington seem to have stayed popular. We get a lot of questions about ottoman beds, so we decided to create a blog completely based on them!

So what is an ottoman bed?

An ottoman bed is a bed that contains storage space underneath the mattress. They were developed and based on ottomans, which have been defined as a padded seat which can be used for storage.

Don't get an ottoman confused with a divan bed, or something with drawers for storage! Ottoman beds tend to come with a hydraulic style lifting system. This means the whole mattress lifts up to allow you to store things underneath. Whereas a divan bed tends to have pull out drawers under the bed that allow you to store things underneath. 

There are two different styles of ottoman beds. They both do the same thing, they just pivot from a different point. So you have beds Warrington that lift up where you would put your pillows and you have the style that lift up from the side. 

Why would you want an ottoman bed? 

The main reason you'd purchase an ottoman bed is for the storage! They're a brilliant form of hidden storage and it's using up what would otherwise be dead space in the bedroom.  They're the perfect place to store spare bedding, or your summer/winter wardrobe. 

Beds Warrington

We think that ottoman beds Warrington are genius! We understand that they're not for everyone, but they are a brilliant way of adding some extra storage space. Our furniture showroom is full of an impressive range of beds and bedroom furniture. We're based in Leigh but have good transport links with Warrington, Bolton and St Helens.