You need a high quality bed frame to help provide support to you and your mattress. Your bed frame is key in order to get a good night's sleep. It's always worth taking into consideration how your bed frame is going to look with the rest of your bedroom furniture.

This blog is all about helping you to decide which bed frames Wigan would work the best for you!

Bed frames Wigan

Wooden bed frames are very traditional. They have a very rustic and natural look to them which can help warm up a room. Solid wood frames are incredibly solid and sturdy which means they're unlikely to break under pressure. If you do ever get bored with your bed frame, you always have the option to sand it down, stain it or even paint it to give it a different look!

Metal bed frames are perfect for versatility. This style can work in most bedroom schemes. You have a huge range of bed frame styles to choose from. Metal bed frames are also made to be able to last and they're normally cheaper than wood which means you have more money to spend on your mattress!

Fabric bed frames Wigan are quickly becoming the bedroom trend of the year thanks to the amount of different choices you have with them. You can choose your colours, materials, designs and even whether or not you want glitter and gems! However fabric bed frames can take a little bit more work to maintain depending on what material you choose.

Magnum Furniture Showroom Wigan

Here at Magnum furniture showroom, we have a range of bed frames Wigan for you to chose from. We're sure to have something that will suit your bedroom style, space available and maybe most importantly, your budget!