You use your bed every single day without fail, so why put up with that old, noisy and tired bed frame? If you've been thinking about new beds Wigan, then now is the time to treat yourself! We've put together a quick blog all about how to chose the right bed for you.

  •  Don't go too big! 

We all would love a hotel sized super king bed, but for many rooms that's just not practical. So take into account the size of your room and your current bed and work off that. 

  • Think about the existing decor. 

You want a bed frame that flows with the existing bedroom theme, so if you've got grey curtains and a grey rug, maybe you could go for a grey fabric bed frame to match and link everything together?

  • What material are you going to choose? 

Fabric beds Wigan are the rage at the moment!  We've seen an increased interest in velvet especially, but when it comes to fabric beds you need to take into account they can stain easier than their leather counterparts. Or if you're looking for something that doesn't take that much maintenance, why not think about a wood or metal bed frame? 

  • Do you want extra storage? 

Divan and ottoman beds are so common nowadays and for good reason! They're an ingenious way of using up what could be seen as dead space under the bed. Or if you want to push that boat out that little bit more, why not look at getting a TV bed? 

  • Stick to your budget 

This could be seen as one of the most important points of our blog. Work out your budget and stick to it! There's no point looking and falling in love with a bed that's out of your price range. 

 Beds Wigan

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