We get asked quite a lot in our bedroom furniture showroom whether a headboard is actually necessary or not, but that all depends on your personal preference. This blog will explore a little bit about the background of headboards and their more modern day uses.

Of course the main use of a headboard has, and probably always will be for decoration. We've even found examples of gold headboards leading back to the Ancient Egyptian times.

Beds Warrington and headboard practical uses

But they have had practical uses. Findings have shown that the Greeks and Romans used to used headboards as a draught excluder for the bed. And even to this day headboards are used to keep your pillows and mattress in place. If you don't have a headboard you can be left with a gap between where the wall is and where your bed is. If you move in your sleep your pillow could end up sliding or moving down the gap. You can end up just having an uncomfortable night's sleep.

Many people also use their headboard to sit up against during some night time reading or late night tv watching. Also, if you're a restless sleeper having a nice padded headboard could actually protect you if you end up hitting your head on the wall.

Beds Wigan and headboard decorative uses

With the amount of styles, colours and materials that headboards come in now, you're bound to find one that will take your fancy! Your headboard could end up being that one accessory that ties your whole room theme together. Or it could stand out and be the focal point of the bedroom.

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