As the night's start to get hotter and hotter it becomes a struggle to try and get a good night’s sleep. So allow us, at Magnum Furniture to make your nights a lot more comfortable throughout the summer. We have a wide range of beds Warrington and bedroom furniture to help you craft your perfect home. This is the perfect time to purchase a new bed or a new mattress, as our summer sale is still on!

Beds Warrington

The cliché way of cooling down during summer is having your windows wide open throughout the night, however we have more effective alternates. A common way of doing it is sleeping without a duvet, we can offer a comfortable mattress and a thin blanket to make this process easier and to make you get the most comfortable sleep. Another alternative is choosing a cotton duvet as these duvets are perfect for ventilation as it is a thinner material. We offer a range of different duvets and now is a better time than any to invest in a one thanks to our summer sale.

Sleeping alone also has its perks, especially during the summer, as you can hog the mattress allowing air to circulate around your body.

Sleep is important to keep you healthy and happy! So why not treat yourself to some new bedroom furniture.All of our product’s prices have been reduced so why not invest in a new mattress or maybe a completely new bed. For further information have a look at our website  or ring us at 01942 261563. We have a showroom set in Leigh, where you can browse our products and see for yourself how impressive our sale is.