At our furniture showroom, Manchester, we have all the ingredients you need to create a calm and relaxing home. Whether you're creating a new fitted bedroom, kitchen or dining room, it's important to consider a colour scheme. After all, you wouldn't want a bright colour acting as a stimulant when you're trying to get to sleep. Similarly, you'd want a calming but charismatic colour in your living or dining room. 

Your choice of colour is a powerful and influential tool that can genuinely shift a mood. For example, green is seen as a colour to ease stress, which is why you'll often see it in break rooms at places of work. 

If you're struggling to find inspiration for your colour scheme, then why not visit Magnum Furniture Showroom, Manchester? In the meantime, we have compiled a few pointers that will hopefully help you get that refurbishment project underway:

Add your own sunshine: a technique which works especially well for a space that doesn't get much natural light; try adding some brightness to the room with a vivid yellow. Lightness in your room will create a feeling of warmth and space. 

Bright & bold: designing your room around colours such as orange and red will really make a statement. Bright colours give great intensity to a space.

Calming pastel: pastel colours are a popular choice for rooms that you want to be a little more relaxing. A calming design and neutral feel make your space look warm and welcoming. 

Sleek & dark: deep navy or black are colours which will instantly bring elegance to any design. Add a darker colour for an air of sophistication in your room. As they say - less is more! 

Furniture Showroom, Manchester

Magnum Furniture is based in Leigh but is only a little over 10 miles from Manchester. We look forward to meeting you!

Furniture showroom, Manchester