Here at Magnum Furniture retailer Warrington, we have everything you need to create your perfect living space. Whether it's the big things like a fabric sofa or smaller items such as lamps and mirrors, we've got you covered.

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When you're changing and renovating your home, there's enough to do without you having to travel from shop to shop to buy everything you need. That's why our furniture retailer Warrington showroom endeavours to have everything you require under one roof. There are many elements to a bedroom and the accessories can make or break the design. Freestanding furniture is a staple in any room. Have you thought about the look and practicality of your bedside table?

When you start looking for bedside tables, it's good to have an idea what material you want it made from. Does wood go better with the look of your room? Or maybe Perspex? We know it might just simply be a case of finding one you like. But there's often more to think about when purchasing your bedside table.

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You have options at our furniture retailer Warrington showroom when it comes to the style you want. Your bedside table can be an extension of the bed, or it can be completely free standing. You could choose a colour and design which means it becomes a focal point of the room and is eye-catching. Or maybe you want it to just blend in with the décor. Either way, we have a lot of choice for you!

Bedside tables also need to be practical. This may seem obvious, but would your piece of furniture be ruined if a spill were to occur? A glass or mirror top is always going to be stylish and a little different, but just be conscious you could be wiping it down constantly due to dust and finger marks!

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Here at Magnum furniture retailer Warrington, a tip we highly recommend is that you measure the height of your bed before you start trying to find your new bedside table. This way, you'll be able to find the perfect sized piece of furniture which is both practical and looks good. Generally, the rule is that a bedside table should be within 6 inches of your bed's height to be within a comfortable reaching distance.

Furniture retailer Warrington