It's finally December, winter is fully upon us and it is time to dig out your winter wardrobe!  Here at Magnum furniture retailer Bolton, we want to help you be as cosy as you possibly can be at home, which is why we've put this little guide together!

Magnum furniture retailer Bolton

Blankets are essential this winter season! Whenever you need that extra layer of warmth, blankets are perfect. Whether it's as an extra layer over your duvet in bed, or just draped over you while you're on the sofa watching TV; find the fluffiest blanket you can find and that will automatically increase your home comfort.

The same can be said for rugs, there is nothing worse than getting out of bed on a cold morning and stepping onto a cold floor. Our Cascade rugs are ideal to sink your toes into! Its a double ply rug, with an added feel of luxury thanks to the microfiber yarn and glimmering viscose strands. We have them in a range of colours to match any room colour scheme. We also do them in different sizes, so they can fit into the smallest space!

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Lighting in a room is also very important. The main light can sometimes be to harsh, especially on festive nights when you're trying to watch a Christmas film and relax. So why not look into lamps or string lights? Most people tend to have a box of lights that are normally reserved for the tree, but trying hanging them around the fire place/mantle piece or on window frames. They can add colour and a nice ambience to any room.

Finally, don't forget about any empty spaces! Big white or plain gaps on a wall can take the personality away from the room, so why not fill it with a mirror or photo frame? Mirrors help make a room feel bigger and airier, as well as the more literal use.

We hope that this has given you some good ideas to cosy up your home, and if you ever need any more home inspiration, don't feel shy; come and visit our showroom!

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