Long gone are the days of having a separate dining room with its own dining table and chairs. Most dining rooms now have been downgraded or combined with the kitchen which means you just don't have the space to have a traditional dining room anymore. Well whatever you have as a dining area, we've got some tips on how to make the most of it! 

Creating your perfect dining room. 

First thing you need to do is decide what you'll be using your dining room or dining area for. Are you going to sit there for every single meal of the day, or will you just be using it for socialising and special occasions? Then think about how much free space you have available. If you're not going to use it everyday, look into buying a smaller sized table which could free up space for socialising.

It's also worth thinking about the shape of the table that would fit your space. You don't need to stick to the traditional long rectangle, push the boat out and see what style of table fits well in the room. 

Once you've decided on your table, you can then look into what style of chairs that you want. You could go very plain and rustic with wooden chairs, or go for luxury and comfort with stuffed cushioned seats. 

Finally, don't forget about your accessories, they could make or break a room. Mirrors can help increase the amount of light in the room and also help the room seem bigger than it is.  And don't forget, it's your home so make it feel like your home. Hang up paintings, pictures whatever gives it that personalised touch. 

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