Many people overlook their spare room. That is, until someone comes to stay over and you have that mad rush to make the room look comfortable and presentable to your guest! 

One of the key elements of the spare bedroom is the beds Warrington of course! Have you ever stayed at a hotel and had an awful night's sleep because of a rubbish bed or mattress? You don't want your guest to have that feeling when they wake up, do you? So you need to choose the best bed within your budget and that's where Magnum Furniture come in! 

The two main choices for a spare room are a day bed or a sofa bed, so we've decided to go through the pros and cons of both beds Warrington. 

Day bed or sofa bed? 

Day beds are the perfect two in one! So if you're looking for a piece of furniture that looks good during the day and is practical at night, then this is the one for you. However, you need to take into account that due to it's shape it really only can contain a single mattress. You can of course get a trundle style, but that still means two separate single mattresses. 

Sofa beds are exactly that; a sofa that turns into a bed. This means they fit well in near enough every room. The sofa aspect of them means you can choose your colours, materials and patterns to go with whatever room you put it in. Another bonus with sofa beds is they are more spacious than day beds, folding out into a (slightly small) double. However over time and through usage, the padding on the sofa/mattress can start to wear, break down and get lumpy, which is always something to consider. 

Beds Warrington 

If you need any more help or advice when it comes to furnishing your spare room, or any room in your house, why not come and visit our furniture showroom based in Leigh?