Even though it might not feel like Spring at the moment, there is no better time than a fresh season to have a clean start. Now we don't mean that in a throw everything away and start again, more in a get rid of all the clutter and breathe some fresh air into your bedroom. Here are our top tips when it comes to getting your beds Bolton and bedroom ready for spring!

Beds Bolton

Of course we all know to regularly clean our duvets, bedding and pillows, but have you ever thought about cleaning your mattress? Your mattress should technically be cleaned once every six months in order to get rid of any old skin cells, dust and debris.

The easiest way to clean your mattress is to give it a good hoover, then sprinkle it with baking soda to neutralise any smells, let that soak in a little bit and hoover it all off. Your mattress should look (and smell) like new again!

Beds Warrington

So once you've dealt with the bed itself, it's time to go under it! The space under the bed can easily become the land that time forgot. Things are put under there or you drop items and they roll under and that's it. They're lost/forgotten about and never seen again.

So take some time out to clear out whatever is under the bed and maybe even invest in some proper under bed storage solutions? We stock divan beds in sizes from a single all the way up to a super king. And our prices start from only £199.95.

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Did you know that having a cluttered and busy bedroom can actually have an effect on your sleep? So if you're struggling to get a good night's sleep, it might actually be due to your bedroom itself! Go through and have a declutter, get rid, donate or recycle what you don't want or need. And whos, you might even sleep that little bit better for it.