Here at Magnum Furniture, a bedroom furniture showroom based in Leigh but covering many areas around the North West, we appreciate the importance of the correct colour scheme. We understand that you're not going to want the same colours throughout your home and the colours that might work in your bathroom won't necessarily work in your bedroom! That's why we stock a variety of different home improvement products, as well as accessories in all colours, allowing you to create a room which perfectly reflects your personality.

Bedroom furniture showroom

You'll be looking at much calmer colours for your bedroom. However, if you do prefer to make an impact with a strong colour, try having a feature wall with matching accessories (all of which you can find at our bedroom furniture showroom!) We've compiled a list of a few colour schemes which you might like to take into consideration when deciding on how best to decorate your bedroom.

Marigold - the perfect example of a colour for a feature wall. This yellow/orange shade is nice and summery, but don't let it overpower your room. Team it with white accessories and fixtures and fittings.

Sky blue - any light blue is going to be an excellent choice for creating a breezy, airy and relaxing bedroom. It's particularly good for smaller rooms as it can create an illusion of space and grandeur.

Floral - a colour scheme much better suited to a larger area which can afford to lose a little space. Accessories such as a headboard and lamp can really showcase this chosen scheme. Simply ask our interior designers at our bedroom furniture showroom to help with any design ideas!

Summer colour schemes

White - a simple white bedroom can make the boldest statement as it allows you to play around with colours. For example, teal or red accessories, including duvets and curtains, bring that summery feel whilst adding character.

Coral - pastels of any colour are always at home in bedrooms. Coral itself can feel quite bohemian, especially teamed with textiles.

Bedroom furniture showroom