So we're half way through the year, and gosh hasn't it flown! We've decided to write our first June blog all about our favourite bedrooms designs of the year so far!


Grey is a classic colour to use in the bedroom, it isn't neutral but it isn't bright. It's that perfect in-between to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. You can use different shades of grey to create a monotone bedroom, or use it as the background for splashes of colour creating a colour block effect. If you stick to lighter shades your bedroom won't have a dark or dingy feel. 


This has been an up and coming trend for a while thanks to those funky printed wallpaper that is all the rage. If you combine geometric patterns with pastel colours you can create the perfect bedroom vibe. If you're interested in adding some geo to your bedroom, then all you'll need is some paint, some masking tape and a steady hand! 


If you haven't seen the rose gold trend, where have you been hiding? It has been in every interior design magazine for the most of this year, but now rose gold is phasing out and copper is coming in. Copper actually pairs perfectly with grey so there is your new bedroom colour scheme all sorted for you! 

Other incredibly popular bedroom trends include crushed velvet and French velvet. We've seen a massive amount of interest in crushed velvet sleigh styled bed frames Warrington and we're saying it now, that will be one of the biggest bedroom trends of the year! 

Magnum Furniture - bed frames Warrington

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