A bed frame is one piece of bedroom furniture that people seem to glance over or see it as an oversight! At Magnum Furniture we have a range of different bed frames that you can choose from, and choosing the right style can just be the cherry on the top of the cake that is your bedroom! 

Bed frames Wigan

Your bed frame should be the first thing you think about when it comes to your bed! It can help you work out how much floor space you'll have in your room and possibly even determine the decor of the room. The fact of the matter is that your bed will be very important so it's worth spending the time and the money to find the right one for you. 

Our bedroom furniture come in a range of different designs and prices and we're sure that there will be something in our showroom that will tick all of your boxes. 

Magnum bedroom furniture showroom

We think that the most important piece of furniture for any bedroom is a bed, so it is essential that you choose the perfect one for you. Here at Magnum Furniture we can offer you a range of different mattresses, pillows and bed frames for delivery within the Wigan area. Or you could have a browse in our show rooms located in Leigh for ideas and inspiration for your dream bedroom. 

As well as beds we offer a range of different furniture, such as sofas, dining tables and other accessories which can be used to help you decorate your dream house or to add a much needed bit of flair to your rooms.

Our Bank Holiday mega sale starts tomorrow, with prices slashed from over a massive 5000 items. We're open across the whole of the Easter weekend, so why not come down and visit us?