Morris Furniture

Morris Furniture

The Morris Furniture Group has a long and illustrious history throughout three centuries. Founded in 1884, Morris Furniture has been an innovative cabinet making business from it’s earliest days. Supplying panelling and furniture for the world’s great ocean liners such as the Queen Mary and the QE2, seating for the first cinemas, bedroom furniture for Her Majesty; The Queen and furniture for many exclusive hotels and embassies around the world.

Meanwhile, the production of cabinet and domestic furniture established the business. Taking bold steps in furniture design whilst developing new cutting edge techniques in craftsmanship; generating much praise for the company and accumulating many design awards. Paving the way for Morris Furniture to elevate itself as the largest cabinet manufacturer in the UK.

Morris Furniture continues to adapt and grow today; building upon the experience gained from three centuries within the industry. Innovation is a constant throughout our years of furniture manufacture and we strive to continue setting the pace within the industry with new designs and staying a step ahead of key furniture trends.






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