Mammoth Supersoft 4ft Divan

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Mammoth Performance SuperSoft mattress in its pure Medical Grade Foam form with an added layer of SuperSoft Medical Grade Foam technology. For those who love a sumptuous and luxurious feel in their sleep.

Featuring Medical Grade Foam

  • Clinically Proven Better Sleep

  • Supreme Comfort & Support

  • Loved by the UKs Elite

  • Recommended by Health Professionals


Width 120cm
Length 190cm

Mattress Height 24cm

Delivery Approx  2-4 Weeks

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Proven To Enhance Sleep

The world leading centre of excellence for sleep research at the University of Northumbria, Newcastle, England, recently tested the Mammoth Performance mattress under the instruction of Dr Jason Ellis, one of the worlds most respected experts on sleep.

Google ‘Dr Jason Ellis’ for up to date sleep research.

Tested under controlled scientific conditions, 3 key sleep elements were tested on a participant group, both at home in their own bed and in a laboratory on a Mammoth Performance mattress. The results were outstanding:

1. Sleep Efficiency
Participants were monitored to measure the ratio between how long a person spends in bed compared to how long the spend in deep sleep. On a Mammoth, participants improved their sleep efficiency by an average of 7%, and moved up a clinically relevant zone, from poor sleep efficiency, to good sleep efficiency.

2. Sleep Onset Latency
How quickly you fall asleep. The test proved that participants fell asleep faster on Mammoth!

3. Sleep Enjoyment
Participants were asked to “grade” their night’s sleep. On average, they enjoyed their sleep 21% more on a Mammoth!

Want a better night’s sleep? The only mattress proved to do this is a Mammoth.


Overall Mattress Depth – 27cm

Tension – Soft

Medical Grade Foam with Pressure Relieving Cell Technology – 18cm

Super High Density Soft Layer – 7cm

Hypoallergenic – Yes

High-Spec Tencel Cooling Cover – Yes

Integrated Washable Mattress Protector – Yes

Limited Guarantee – 10 Years

Design and Manufacture – UK

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