Harrison Amethyst

Harrison Amethyst

The Luxury Harrison Amethyst Divan is manufactured in Yorkshire to the highest quality, using a total of 3000 pocket springs in the mattress, and 1000 pocket springs in the divan base to provide you with support and comfort.

The Amethyst has Harrisons own revolution spring, which is a technology that uses a large spring with a smaller softer spring inside known as the Joey spring, by having this 2 spring system it effectively halves the workload of the spring and therefore ensuring support throughout the lifetime of your bed.harrison bed tailor

Posturfil technology is an array of smaller pocket springs arranged in layers, these are designed as a recyclable alternative to man made foams, there are 1000 Posturfil springs per layer in a king size mattress the Amethyst has 2 layers of these springs

Warmside/Coolside technology means this mattress has 2 different sides according to the time of year. The warmside has more insulating wool whereas the cool side has more cotton; this ensures a constant comfortable sleeping temperature.

Harrison mattresses are also availble as divans featuing their True Edge Base - a row of firmer springs at the edge of the mattress combined with a timber edge on the divan base to ensure durability on all the edges of the bed

Custom Mattress Sizing also available - Please ask one of our sales staff for more information

Mattress Specifications
•Harrison Revolution Spring 3000 Pocket Springs
•Available in Gentle, Medium or Firm Tension
•British Wool Blend
•Cotton Blend
•Hemp & Cashmere Hair
•Revolution Springs
•Posturfil Springs
•Double Side Stitching
•True Edge Base
•Purotex Allergy-Free
•Contains Harrisons patented Revolution spring & Posturfil springs
•Warmside / Coolside technology

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