Buying Guide

Buying Guide

1.We will deliver only to the address given at the time you place your order and which has been approved by us. We do not offer a national distribution service and retain the right to refuse an order on the grounds that it is not within our currently approved area.

2.Delivery times are given in good faith. Much of our range is imported and sometimes, through no fault of ours, delays may happen. In those circumstances, we regret that we cannot be held responsible for any loss which you might incur.

3.You are asked to check that access to your home is suitable for the furniture you have selected. Please ensure that this is done carefully in advance and that the area is cleared of breakable objects before the delivery takes place.

4.Our delivery team will unpack and assemble all your goods, excluding occasional furniture, if so requested and place them where you direct, provided that there is clear access. They will also remove packaging if requested. (Please see below)

5.All deliveries must be signed for. Goods cannot be left without your signature that you have received and inspected the goods and are fully satisfied with them. If you are not at home when we deliver or if you are not satisfied with the goods, we will return them to our depot.

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Types of woods and finishes
Hardwood & Softwood

All wood furniture is made from either hardwood (trees that lose their leaves seasonally) or softwood (from trees that keep their leaves all year round). Hardwood consists of cherry, birch, beech, chestnut, maple, oak and walnut and is generally used for decorative purposes. Softwood is generally used for frames and construction.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is widely used in the manufacture of furniture. MDF is a panel that consists of fibres bonded and joined together under heat and pressure. The surface of MDF is flat, smooth, uniform, dense and free of knots and grain patterns, all of which make finishing operations easier and more consistent, especially for demanding uses such as foils and veneers.


Rubberwood is one of the harder wearing materials used in the manufacturing of today's home furnishings. As a member of the maple family, rubberwood has a very distinctive grain. It has very little shrinkage, making it one of the more stable construction materials available for furniture manufacturing. It has very little tendency to warp or crack.

There is one more important feature of rubberwood that is very important in today's world. Rubberwood is the most ecologically "friendly" material used in today's furniture industry. After the life of the rubber tree, which is generally 26-30 years, then it is used for production purposes. So, unlike other woods that are cut down for the sole purpose of producing furniture, rubberwood is used only after it completes its cycle and dies. This wood is therefore ecologically friendly.


A Veneer is a thin strip of real wood cut from a prepared tree trunk, stitched and glued together by machine before being bonded to a piece of wood, which is usually MDF. After the real wood has been applied to the board, it is sanded, and then covered in two coats of protective varnish.

There are a number of different ways in which Veneer can be cut from the log and depending on the manner in which it is cut, strikingly different effects can be achieved with the wood’s grain and characteristics. The beauty is that two logs of the same type of wood can be cut in different ways, producing distinctive, individual veneers. The two most commonly used veneer cutting methods are rotary cutting and plain slicing.

Man Made Foils

A man made foil is a specially treated paper, impregnated with resins to give it an easy, clean, durable surface that has an even finish, no matter what colour is used. The photographic finish transferred onto the foil surface is then laminated on to MDF. This makes it easy to maintain, as it is a hardwearing finish, which allows suppliers to hit key price points. It is ideal for use in today’s market where solid wood is more difficult to source from sustainable environmentally friendly forests. Most of these foils are supplied from Japan, China and Germany.

There are two types of foils – re-coatable and non-recoatable. The re-coatable foil allows us to do work on the surface or the edges of the panel such as repairs to minor damage and then cover it with a clear lacquer to seal it. Non recoatable foils are pre finished and ready to use. No additional lacquer is applied.

Solid Wood

This is exactly what it says it is – solid wood. The most popular finish is Oak. It is generally accepted that solid wood is the best material in the market place giving tremendous value. It will maintain its appearance for much longer than either foils or veneers and is more durable in terms of everyday use. It does age with time, but as long as it is cared for, it will last a life time. The construction of solid wood furniture is its strength and with this comes the heaviness. Most solid wood furniture has the noticeable Dovetail and Mortice joints.

Mixed of Solid & Veneered Wood

It is not unusual to have products designed and produced with a mix of solid wood and veneered finish.

Granite will add striking beauty, practicality, and overall value to any property as one of the most popular natural stone materials for use as floor tile and countertop solutions. Granite is a material which has been millions of years in the making, gathering strength and unique aesthetic flair over millennia thanks to the sundry minerals which define its patterns and colors. The advantages this highly durable material are significant:

•Granite panels represent a unique look from batch to batch. Your table will stand alone as a visual feature that is unmatched by any other

•Granite panels are extremely durable, they will resist heat and metal abrasion, which is important in a dining setting.

•Granite is a dense material and will resist staining in the short term.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Viewing Orders
Mammoth Vat Exemption
If you have a long-term illness or you're disabled, you won't have to pay VAT when you buy a mattress from us. For VAT purposes, you can claim 0% VAT Relief if you meet any of the following conditions:
•you have a physical or mental impairment which has a long-term and substantial adverse effect upon your ability to carry out everyday activitie.
•you have a condition that the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness, such as diabetes.
•you are terminally ill. You don't have to physically buy the goods in person. If your parent, guardian or wife or husband buys the goods for you, then you won't be charged VAT.

Internet Only Range

Although we offer a huge selection in store, we unfortunately we do not have enough space to display all the furniture which we can offer to our customers. Therefore we feel that by putting all of the items which are available on to the website gives you, the consumer, the greatest possible choice

Magnum Price Promise

We believe that all our products offer excellent value for money and that our prices are among the lowest you will find either on the internet or in traditional retail outlets.

If you find an item cheaper elsewhere then we will beat the price providing, in our opinion, the following conditions are met.

1.> The two items must be identical.
2.> The price must be inclusive of VAT and any additional charges e.g. delivery.
3.> The item must be brand new and not reconditioned, end of line or returned stock.
4.> This must be the normal price of the item i.e. it isnot in a sale or on special offer.
5.> You must provide sufficient information to enable us to verify the price ourselves e.g. website address.
6.> The alternative item must currently be available.
7.> Price promise only applies to goods available in the UK.

For more information call our Customer Service Department on 01942 261563

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